William Pérez

William Pérez
January 5, 2015 ARTempo
Cuban Artist William Perez ARTempoCuba

Artist's Statement

At a time when technological development is deployed at unprecedented rates, entering our daily life everyday, knowledge and understanding of technical devices and processes has become a necessity.

This stage of my work is characterized by diversity and a constant search, whether physically or conceptually, for my pieces. I use the techniques of engraving on acrylic sheets, similar to dry point, and also use different materials such as optical fiber and LED.

Brief Bio

Born:  1965

Year of First Sale:  Early 1990’s


Gotear Kunstforum, Germany; Claudio Marinelli, Italy; Margarite Pitts, USA; Arthur Holmberg, USA; Sandra Levinson, USA; Casa Oswaldo Guayasamín, La Habana, Cuba; Paul Hertz, USA; Art Omi International, USA; Carla Tesak, USA; y Madeleine P. Plonsker, USA


  • 2013: Art Omi International, New York, USA
  • 2002: Nordisk Kunstnarsenter, Norway