Vladimir Llaguno

Vladimir Llaguno
April 5, 2015 ARTempo

Vladimir Llaguno

Artist's Statement

Knowing Vladimir Llaguno is one of those experiences that you carry through life as proof that you were once closer to the singularity of genius. It is to face the designer, cartoonist, the poster maker, the idealist who lives in his own universe, populated by creatures straight out of his ideas and by his own hands. “Techniques” the creator calls them, as he gives them a rare blend of humanity-inhumanity. Obsessed by technology, science fiction and advertising mechanisms this artist might seem at first glance; however, a sufficient encounter with his work, a brief dialogue with it, is enough to start a reconstruction of dialogue that Vlado deconstructs, hiding behind the basic tools of graphic design.

– Sussette Martinez Montero, Art Curator and Critic

Brief Bio

Born:  1963

Year of First Sale:  1993


Art Museum Meguro, Tokyo, Japan, and Weisman Museum, Minneapolis, USA