April 19, 2015 ARTempo
Cuban Artists The Merger American Dream


Artist's Statement

We are a group of Cuban artists. Alain is a graduate of the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), and the other two (Niels and Mayito) are self-taught. We have been involved in the world of visual arts since a young age, but with some maturity in our individual careers, we decided to merge. After several collaborative projects and exhibitions, we discovered that working together was more fun and resulted in better work. Sculpture is our strong point, we have experimented with black steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, resin, glass, marble and wood. Each sculpture is preceded by a serious study in watercolor or acrylic on canvas, gouache, drawings, silkscreen, photography or upholstery, so we do not turn away from our original expressions.

Brief Bio

Began:  2009

Year of First Sale:  2009


Fine Arts Museum, Phoenix, AZ; La Jolla Contemporary Art Museum, San Diego, CA; Hans Georg Naeder, Germany; Meralee Goldman, USA; Barbara J. Abadi,  USA; Susan Lindquist, United Kingdom; and Susan & David Goode, USA