Rodney Batista

Rodney Batista
January 31, 2015 ARTempo

Artist's Statement

“More than the subject of death itself, Rodney is looking for the regenerative capacity, which contains the changes of state through which living beings pass in this endless cycle of life and death and death and life. In search of that, he orchestrates three sets of relationships: the organic with itself, the organic with the inorganic, and organic displayed in landscapes and the environments they decorate, loading appearances with their own narratives.

His works, which are not organized by series, always come back to the central topic: giving life to death through appearances that transmute, imparting other meanings to the remains left by life.”  – Magalys Espinosa (Art Critic)

Brief Bio

Born:  1988

Year of First Sale:  2013


Donna Hastings, Canada

Art OnCuba, Miami, USA