January 31, 2015 ARTempo
Guardians by R10

Artist's Statement

“For the aesthetic-cognitive quality of his work and the level of consciousness that this kind of creative movement takes, R10, in my opinion, has become a paradigm in Cuba on how to place a rhetorical strategy in the interstices between art and design. The subversion of traditional codes of advertising graphics and political propaganda is the formal platform on which he builds his vision of history.

His stories are a subtle metaphor for the old rotund crisis of metaphysical ontology that persists in its re-affirmation of a world built upon image and likeness while life and reality become evermore chaotic, slowly moving underfoot, and so breaks with a present day that does not know how to reconcile the chasm between a present growing daily more uncertain with the glorious future of the past.”

— Hamlet Fernández (Art Critic, Professor University of Havana)

Brief Bio

Born:  1969

Year of First Sale:  2011


First Prize: Design Competition of Images and Posters; Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the birth of Frida Kahlo and the 5oth anniversary of the death of Diego Rivera.

First Prize: European Union Poster Design Concourse


Factoría Habana, La Habana, Cuba; Lise Charlotte Aune, Gallery MAP, Oslo, Norway; Susan Adelman, USA; Beverly Walton, USA; Kathy Along, USA; Michael Reese y Joshua Snowden, USA; Jennifer Trewhella, Australia.