Osvaldo González Aguiar

Osvaldo González Aguiar
March 2, 2015 ARTempo

Osvaldo González Aguiar

Artist's Statement

My pictorial work is closely linked to the methods of traditional abstraction. I want to play with “art history”, which is why in my work I make references to different ways of dealing with the practice of painting, with the combination of different techniques and materials. Starting from the basis of objective reality, I build new realities and representations of things that can only be understood by the viewer from visual memory on the ideal, subjective level where the object and created space become autonomous.

Brief Bio

Born:  1982

Year of First Sale:  2005


Stefano Mazzoni, Belgium; Carlos Ferreira de Vita, Spain; Gordon Campbell Gray, England; Mary Chabre, USA; and Galeria Servando Cabrera, Cuba