Norberto Marrero

Norberto Marrero
March 1, 2015 ARTempo

Artist's Statement

My work reflects a poetic image that offers commentary about power, gender relations and social class. All this through metaphors where society is shown as a large theatrical stage. The critical sense of my work comes from the use of character types such as the king, the jester, the harlot, and androgynous characters where the nude, eroticism and humor all play fundamental roles. My most recent work use significant moments in art history, especially related to engraving: Japanese prints with the figure of the geisha, and the legendary Rhino Dürer. All this in the midst of a philosophical and poetic context where reflections about existence, dreams, sexuality, and dissimilar paths are left open to interpretation by the viewer.

Brief Bio

Born:  1966

Year of First Sale:  1996


Artist Residency, Edith Cown University, Perth, Australia

Artist Residency, Mast Art College, Boston, USA


Horn Collection, Australia; Private Collection, Guerrero, México