Nestor Siré

Nestor Siré
June 16, 2015 ARTempo
Nestor Siré Afiches Familiares

Artist's Statement

I believe in art as a self-necessity within it’s context, as an important part of society with an active orientation that generates inquiries, and not art only as something pleasing to the eye and spirit.

My investigative process approaches, via conceptual synthesis, specific situations of Cuban social order and culture that are symptoms of current ideology. From the accident and impression that an image evokes or that a fact gives, arises my need to act on it’s state, transforming it and modifying it from metaphor and semantic games.  In this sense, I follow the appearances of daily life and their more intense tones, to expose those shadowy zones that mark the density of reality and the identity of memory. I frame knowledge and I reveal it in the present, trying to understand how it lives within the social fabric.

Brief Bio

Born:  1988

Year of First Sale:  2012


2013: Artist in Residence, Fundación Ludwig de Cuba, Havana, Cuba

2013: and 2011 Third Honorable mention, Festival Internacional de Video (FIVA), Buenos Aires, Argentina

2013: Colateral Prize, 12 Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores, Fundación Ludwig de Cuba, Havana, Cuba

2012: Special Prize, V Festival Internacional de Arte Independiente Incubarte, Valencia, Spain

2011: Second Prize, XI Salón de Arte Digital, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba

2010: Creators’ Scholarship, Ensayo Público No. 5 La Propia Percepción (LASA), Havana, Cuba