Marlys Fuego

Marlys Fuego
March 2, 2015 ARTempo

Marlys Fuego

Artist's Statement

In my work the representation of sexuality appears as a pretext to reflect upon issues of a broader nature, eroticism and gender identity. Visuality is highly kitsch and I use it for a diversity and stridency as a call for attention. The use of codes of kitsch is unprejudiced and serves to emphasize that we’re living in the era of “anything goes”.

In our world many and varied processes have allowed the boundaries between male and female attributes to be less stringent. Also I use an ironic commentary, a touch of humor, and absurdity.

I’m trying to make it known that man/woman responds to culturally created codes and that these as such, are not set in stone.

Brief Bio

Born:  1988

Year of First Sale:  2006


2009: First Prize for Sculpture, Living Miniature, Marti Society, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

2007: ARTEX collateral Award, City Hall, Cienfuegos, Cuba

2007: Academy Award, Marti Hall, Academy of Fine Arts, Bayamo, Granma


Arthur Holmberg, USA; Carolyn Covault, USA; Jennifer and Grant Gustafson, USA; Sandra Levinson, USA; Casa Oswaldo Guayasamín, Havana, Cuba; Paul Hertz, USA; Madeleine P. Plonsker, USA