Lisandra Isabel García

Lisandra Isabel García
March 2, 2015 ARTempo

Lisandra Isabel García

Artist's Statement

In my work I propose the evasion of reality as a concept of art and creation. The self-referential is channeled by an attitude that doesn’t become apathy but instead the conversion of my reality. I build, in an almost autobiographical way, my own introspective world, where my fantasies of escape unfold and from where I attempt escape. I do it from my life story, my experience, and my own universe. In that world, fragments of my body, environments and everyday objects, are transmuted into something vital, full of personal meaning which allows me imaginary refuge from the world, and yet, it highlights certain types of tastes, habits, motivations and sensitivities.

Brief Bio

Born:  1989

Year of First Sale:  2009


First Prize XVI Salón of Erotic Art, Galería Fayad Jamís

Residency Havana Cultura, Havana Club Internacional


Galería Collage Habana of the National Fund of Cuban Culture, La Habana, Cuba