Lancelot Alonso

Lancelot Alonso
April 5, 2015 ARTempo

Lancelot Alonso

Artist's Statement

My work invites the viewer to witness sexual or erotic situations that might commonly are excluded or distanced themes due to certain ‘modesty’ ideas that often become “taboos”. I try to place the viewer in the position of those who, without fear, note the intimacy of “other” from a lustful, lecherous gaze, an intimacy that is revealed uninhibited packed full of pleasure and ecstasy.

This content works best for me in the flat format: it channels my thoughts using the resources of painting and Fauvism, especially the use of a garish color range, with both contrasts strong and complementary, where the intensity of the shades is core. So Eros is expressed at ease, with a palette that tries to be seductive. In addition, I use the texture and thick impasto of material often tempting for the sensory experience of the tactile.

Brief Bio

Born:  1986

Year of First Sale:  2008


Private collections of Steefen Irmang and Jorge del Sol