Ibrahim Miranda

Ibrahim Miranda
March 2, 2015 ARTempo

Ibrahim Miranda

Artist's Statement

I live on a kind of animal island.

Recycling is the basis of domestic life in Cuba. That’s why I use maps in my work as a point of reference to the daily life of my physical space. The place where I live, and the points or cities I visit – always with an artistic eye as I assume my own fictions and utopias, or interpretations of my passages through them.

The literature of the Cuban poets Virgilio Piñera and José Lezama Lima and Cuban maps are complements to the images I print or paint.

I live on an island full of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world – valleys, mountains, beaches – and at the same time as if a detainee on another planet. An island as full of human error as the world itself, of idealism in its highest expression, shared or not, but present… Carnival and vulgarity, education and evidence of warlordism and longing…

I Convert my island into something that you never know exactly what it is, because you experience an eternal metamorphosis, like the cities where you never know if you’re maybe part of a giant whale or elephant, just a minnow navigating the streets of Jerusalem…

Brief Bio

Born:  1969

Year of First Sale:  1993


2012: Artist en Residence The McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, NC, USA

2011: Artist en Residence, GRAPHICSTUDIO, USF College of fine art, Tampa, Florida, EUA

2005: Honor for la National Culture, La Habana, Cuba

2003: International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland


Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana, Cuba; Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York, USA; Thyssen-Bornemisza Contemporary Art Foundation, Anit, Austria; Gravura Museum, Curitiba, Brazil; Van Reekum Museum, Appeldorn, Holland; Woodcut Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina; National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA; Cultural Foundation Televisa, Mexico DF, Mexico; Casa de las Americas, Havana, Cuba; Museum of Contemporary Art, USF, Tampa, USA; Wolfgang Scheiner, Germany; Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, San Juan, Puerto Rico; European Commercial Arts, Bilbao, Spain; Brandywine Workshop, Philadelphia, USA; Peter Norton Collection, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA; Latino Art Museum (LAM), California, Los Angeles, USA; and University of Essex (UECLAA), England.