Gabriel Sánchez Toledo

Gabriel Sánchez Toledo
January 31, 2015 ARTempo

Gabriel Sánchez Toledo

Artist's Statement

“His work speaks from a perspective of universality or cosmogony trying to overcome geographic localism while exalting the ambiguity of natural references and the multiple visual sensations they may induce. The underlying ideas are based on the paradox of meaning that provokes the meeting of elements within a subtle anachronistic landscape, that’s decontextualized. The visual results of this mix, are almost surrealistic compositions, with a calling to hide, compelling the viewer to enter a world full of metaphors and allegories.”

— Hamlet Fernández  (Art Critic, Professor University of Havana)

Brief Bio

Born:  1979

Year of First Sale:  2000


Private Collections in Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and United States