Osmeivy Ortega

Osmeivy Ortega
June 16, 2015 ARTempo
Osmeiby Ortega Featured Image

Artist's Statement

These pieces speak about me – of happy parts and not so happy parts of my life, from the “landscapes of my memories” as I call this present series of my work. The balls of wicker that my grandmother filled every corner of the house with when she made baskets, the little wilds of our backyard where I entertained myself trapping crabs when we lived in Mariel and where my grandparents pulled up the brush to make charcoal and live, the birds that caged or free lived there with me.

The three banks: my life was shared in three houses: the paternal or maternal grandparents and my parents

Brief Bio

Born:  1980

Year of First Sale:  2005


2013: Honorable Mention, Encuentro Nacional de Grabado, Havana, Cuba

2012: Residency Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH, USA

2004: Special Recognition of Tamarind Institute of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA


Cleveland University Museum, Cleveland, OH, USA; Fundación AMBA, Brasil; Private Collections in Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, USA, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Norway, Portugal, China, and UK.