Lidzie Alvisa

Lidzie Alvisa
June 16, 2015 ARTempo
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Artist's Statement

I work with a diversity of media and themes ranging from photography to sculpture and installation. Through them I question the social position imposed on us by the race for life and survival. People who do not want to hear or see the struggle against time, both physical and biological, and the insatiable race against others climbing for position in life.

I view the human body from different symbologies, which together with the use of pins, needles, spurs, and the hands of clocks (all metals), form the scenario on which I project my thoughts. I establish a game with the viewer and her emerging feelings where docility and aggressiveness are two sides of the same coin and in this case the same artwork. Recently I’ve tried to cover almost all states of human beings and their relationship with technological advances.

Brief Bio

Born:  1969

Year of First Sale:  1994


2007: Batiscafo Residency, Havana, Cuba/UK


Museo-Fundación JUMEX Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, Mexico; Cisneros-Fontanals Art Foundation, (CIFO), Miami, FL, USA; Brownstone Foundation, Paris, France; Nina Menocal Collection, Mexico City, Mexico; Galería 106, Prescott, AZ, USA; Galería Sacramento, Aveiro, Portugal; Andreas Winkler, Switzerland/Cuba; Carla Stellwelg, USA; Karen and Robert Duncan, USA; Kathy and Marc LeBaron, USA; Jerry Linson, USA; Eugenio López, Mexico.