Elizabet Cerviño

Elizabet Cerviño
June 16, 2015 ARTempo
Elizabeth Cervino Cuban Artist

Elizabet Cerviño

Artist's Statement

I approach artistic practice from a spiritual, physical and contemplative place. My works exhibit a fragile visuality, with subtle artisanal gestures and rituals, so that the course of action becomes impersonal and a work appears named “Art”. I turn to all possible media, because an idea requires a self-sufficient body to take form. Depending on the idea, the body can be performance, environment, installation, object, “painting” or just a gesture that tries to say a word and ends-up in a sound. In my creative process, emptiness is a natural entity whose representation can purify, an attempt towards non-representation. I offer the unity of attitudes and their projection, in a way that maintains a process of action-reaction in an attempt to recognize recognize the nature in which they dissolve, identical or indistinct, nature and thought.

Brief Bio

Born:  1986

Year of First Sale:  2008


2011: Juan Francisco Elso Residency, from the Asociación Hermanos Saíz, Havana, Cuba

2010: Award from the Henry Monroe Foundation, Glasgow, for the project Tengo Frío, Santa Barbara, CA, USA


Private Collections in Belgium, USA, Spain, Colombia and Perú