Yunior Acosta

Yunior Acosta
May 5, 2015 ARTempo

Yunior Acosta

Artist's Statement

The artwork of Yunior Acosta revels in the uninhibited and unfathomable sensibility of contemporary art over the last twenty years, where the traditional has faced the contemporary, where the subjective and trivial bump against the aesthetic consciousness, and ends well defined against the cult of nostalgia, excessive decoration, multiple orgasms of the banal, the polymorph and transvestite, wherein the concept of common object has become a concept of amalgamation and new approaches seem robotic.
Where information and reality appear as mutant ghosts, Yimi plays at embalming the anecdotal and builds his sculptures, seeming like the perfect package for transporting a tragicomic text, indifferent, timeless, that prtects its metaphors on the long journey that the essence travels.

— Orestes Hernández Palacios (Fine Artist)

Brief Bio

Born:  1978

Year of First Sale:  2009


2011: Residency, Havana Cultura, Havana Club Internacional, Havana, Cuba

2004: Prize for the Best Animation, Artistic New Work and Collateral Prize, Fundación Ludwig, 4ta Muestra de Jóvenes Realizadores, Havana, Cuba


Private Collections in China, Brazil, Germany and Cuba