Frank Martínez

Frank Martínez
June 16, 2015 ARTempo
Frank-Martinez Cuban Artist

Frank Martínez

Artist's Statement

These works are comments on contemporary society, where two anachronistic social moments or individuals coexist in the same scene, as a reflection of everyday absurdity.

The ambiguity of the textual supplements, the appropriation and manipulation of recognizable iconographic references to art history and society, are tools that help in building these visual metaphors with an intertextual spirit.

In these drawings narrative is based on irony, the joke and the anecdote as art object.

Brief Bio

Born:  1972

Year of First Sale:  1992


2012: Art Omi International Artist Recidency, New York, NY, USA


Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, NE, USA; Shelley and Donald Rubin Private Collection, New York, NY, USA; Francis J. Greenburquer, New York, NY, USA; and Tom & Liza Smith, USA