Liudmila & Nelson

Liudmila & Nelson
January 5, 2015 ARTempo
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Liudmila & Nelson

Artist's Statement

Liudmila & Nelson is a symbol of dialogue and teamwork (…) We chose photography as the fundamental means of expression because it has a more direct link with reality, and therefore allows us to explore more effectively the ideas we have about the context in which we live. Although in many of our works photography has covered movement and has arrived at video art, other works are site-specific installations, sculptures and even performances.

We select only certain segments of reality to work with, those with a stronger bond to our personal histories, like the phenomenon emigration / immigration, the city, the sea, time (past, present and future), our relationship to art history, and finally, the Cuban Revolution, which occupies an important place in our artistic research.

Brief Bio

Born:  1969

Year of First Sale:  1994


MIA, Minneapolis Institute of Art, USA, Nader Collection, Germany, MUDAM, Museum of Modern Art, Luxemburg


  • DAAD Residency Program at the HFG-ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany