Liudmila Lopez

Liudmila Lopez
January 4, 2015 ARTempo
Cuban Artist Ludmila Lopez ARTempoCuba

Liudmila Lopez

Artist's Statement

I deal in the self-referential from my inner and outer being, with which I am able to express sociocultural problems, worries, pain, ideas about motherhood, secrets, concerns, joys, sorrows, times, fears … In recent years I have added the high-heel shoe to some of the techniques that I work, not only as a representative of glamor, kitsch, fashion or comfort, but to delve further into the depths of the feminine soul and transform my work in a visual diary.

Brief Bio

  • Year of Birth:    1977
  • Year of First Sale:    1994


José Luis Rupérez, Fundación Caguayo, Cuba; Mother Rare Rom, Neilson Library, Smith College, USA