José A. Vincench

José A. Vincench
January 5, 2015 ARTempo
Cuban Art ""Exile" by José Vincech on

José A. Vincench

Artist's Statement

These works belong to the series ¨The Weight of Words” and derive from a concept – a word, an image – that attempts to define a generation. In my work I shed the original drama of these concepts and reduce them to abstractions. My artistic gesture is an ironic stance towards modernity, humanity, and acts of selection and exclusion. My work transcends the abstract context and disagrees with silence.

Brief Bio

Born:  1973

Year of First Sale:  1992


Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, La Habana, Cuba; Frost Museum, Miami USA; Paul and Lulu Hilliard, Lafayette, Lousiana USA, Jorge Pérez, Miami USA, Ron Pizzuti Collection USA