Douglas Pérez

Douglas Pérez
January 31, 2015 ARTempo
Crudo by Douglas Pérez

Douglas Pérez

Artist's Statement

My work attempts to discuss the perspective of our history as a nation from the reasonable doubts that generate the narratives of painting. For this I almost always value artistic images that support the depiction of a particular Cuban identity from Colonial times to today.

I edit, compose, and articulate possible realities into paintings which are postmodern and neo-classical works that challenge the status quo of immediate reality and official history to highlight the ludicrous premises of the capacity of art. I believe that painting allows me to manipulate the images to permit various interpretations, and refuse to consider the work as an instrument of linear reading or concrete experience stories, that’s what journalism is for.

The freedom to experiment with different associations and interpretations of what is rigidly “historical” is my main goal.

Brief Bio

Born:  1972

Year of First Sale:  1993


Howard Farber, Florida, USA; Océ, Amsterdam, Holland; Shelly and Donald Rubin Foundation, New York, USA; Ron Pizzuti, New York, USA; Akzo Novel, Amsterdam, Holland;  The Von Christierson Collection, London, UK