Adonis Ferro

Adonis Ferro
January 4, 2015 ARTempo
Cuban Artist Adonis Ferro

Adonis Ferro

Artist's Statement

I want to display my house, my home, just as it is: an array that was built without authorization; something without classification that gets rebuilt every day. The same place where I keep what I think without fear that someone will steal, change or expose it to light for everyone to see. There I lay my ideas, power fluctuations within myself, and with others that nourish me. I finish observing the secrets, attentive, listening. Silence. And then, you see, I’m back.

Brief Bio

  • Year of Birth:    1986
  • Year of First Sale:    2006


Brobson Lutz, USA; Fernando Chacón Quintanilla, México; Diana Melrose, UK; Museo del Habano, Cuba; Museo de México, Cuba; Maldoror Gallery, Czech Republic; Rainhart Gallery, Belgium; Arturo Ávila Rosas, México.